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Root Seven Training and Testing Software
Root Seven Technologies Training and Certification Tools
   Training is an important task for today's workforce.  However, finding the time in an already hectic schedule is very difficult.  Online training is a valuable and time efficient service.  Root Seven makes it easy for even the smallest center to provide it.
   Your company has developed a collection of training materials, but they should only be available to specific customers, or by online purchase.  How do you protect you materials and provide limited access to them?
   Root Seven offers a media sharing tool for providing immediate access to online documents for authenticated users (those who have purchased or been granted access to them).  The location of the files is not provided, and links to your documents cannot be shared.  Multiple viewing requires the user to be authenticated each time, while being tracked for reporting.  You may also utilize the ability to limit the 'save' or 'print' permissions, using the PDF format.  Uploading documents is fast and easy.
   Paper exams have a number of limitations.  Repeatedly administering the same exam may allow users to share information, such as correct answers.  Changing the question format and grading papers for each exam is time consuming.  There is also room for human error during the correcting of various test formats requiring individual answer keys.
   Root Seven allows exam writers to produce a 'pool' of questions from which an exam is randomly constructed upon each initiation of the exam process.  The content of these questions can include text, pictures, tables, etc.  Utilizing this technique ensures the quality and randomness of each examination.  While the participant of the exam will receive their grade upon completion, an administrator will receive notification via email and/or be able to view the results on our management site.