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Root Seven Sports Leagues systems
Root Seven Amateur Sports Leagues Web Site Tools and Hosting
  Directing an amateur sports league has become less coaching oriented and more information management.  Keeping all members apprised of current and future events, schedules, rosters, and important news can be a daunting task.
  Informing your entire membership of numerous game and tryout schedules is difficult.  The phone chain can often fail when important changes, such as rain-outs, or other schedule conflicts occur with limited notification time available.
   Since people have become accustomed to checking the
 Internet for school cancellations, weather reports, traffic 
updates, etc.  Posting a schedule change is easy using 
Root Seven Technologies' Secure Management Site
The information is provided immediately, with the click of a button,
thereby omitting the need for the faulty phone chain.
   Collecting dues and personal information required to professionally administer a sports league is a time consuming task. Providing a secure environment in which to make this information available to authorized staff members is almost as difficult as finding one person to be responsible for completing the necessary forms and monthly updates for proper accounting on a 24/7 basis.
   However, Root Seven Technologies' Secure Management Site enables members to pay dues online using their credit card.  This site also allows authorized personnel to track a number of parameters for each player including membership status, emergency contact information, team name, age group, etc.  Specific roster information:  position(s) played, team standings, and individual player statistics can be posted online to reflect the image of a professional sports league.