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Root Seven Real Estate systems
Root Seven Real Estate Hosting and Web Applications
   Today's Real Estate web site needs to be more than an attractive design, a comfortable feel, and contact information.  It needs to be a portal, a connection to your company's services and properties.  Finding the 'home of your dreams' is directly linked to finding the perfect Real Estate agent.
   Prospective clients need to know what properties you have available at any given time.  They want to see if you have a property that may fit their needs before they contact you.  Therefore, your site should be enticing  during an Internet search for properties.
   Root Seven provides the front end for customers, as well as search engines, to view your online properties.  Whether searching for a specific property using parameters such as:  location; price; size; or type, or just browsing in hopes of 'love at first site', visitors can see what is currently available.  Immediate contact is possible when they see the home or business interest.
   Available properties are always rotating.  Whether it is a quick price change or a completely new property, the listings must be updated constantly.  Your staff consists of Real Estate agents, not web developers.
Sinker Solution:
   Root Seven's hosting solutions include the tools for rapid entry or update of properties on your site.  You will find easy image uploads, with added borders and automatic cropping, as well as an array of fields easily completed/changed without HTML or design experience.  Proper 'presentation' ensures the sale of a property. Now you can create your own presentation easily, through our secure web interface.  We are also happy to lend a hand in expediting your changes efficiently, if you find that time is of the essence!
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