Root Seven Technologies, Inc
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We Have Managed To Make It Easy
Managing your website or web store isn’t the only thing you have on your agenda. So we strive to make it the quickest and easiest thing that you have to do.
From Anywhere, At Anytime
If you have the proper access information, you can make updates from any computer with Internet access, on any platform, from anywhere in the world. Or give access to someone else in your company, and you can check on the results instantly.
How Soon Is Now?
When you make changes to your site, or more importantly, your online store, sometimes these changes need to take effect instantaneously. Whether you want to effect instant changes, or temporarily disable your site, is up to you. You are not limited to slow interfaces that cause changes to interrupt visitors’ experiences.
More to Manage, Less Time to Do It
As your company grows, you are likely to have less time to dedicate to site management. You can hire new employees, or in some cases, send a suggestion our way. Some solutions may require a simple extension to site management that can save you and our other users time and money.