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Root Seven Remote Automation systems

Whether it's your factory or your home, it's nice to keep on top of your resources.  Access to data collected by the simplest, or the most intricate, sensors can now be securely accessed remotely.

Root Seven provides the client tools to collect data from various databases; X10 modules; serial ports using modbus; or other communications protocols.  These will run on nearly any operating system, and the source is provided so you can tweak our existing software, or build your own.  In short, configurable intervals, this information is transmitted over secure channels to our servers.  It can then be viewed in an array of formats (graphs/reports), or efficiently downloaded to your own local database.

Data collected is constantly compared to thresholds you set, and notifications can be sent via email to desktops, cell phones, pagers, even PLC devices or PC's that have the ability to rectify the problem automatically.

Let our tools obsess over your property while you work on bigger and better things.